Super Lucky Frog Review

July 12, 2015 - slot machines

Super Lucky Frog is a 5-reel, 25-line video slot machine game brought to us by NetEnt. The Super Lucky Frog slot machine is of course inspired by fairy tales, like so many of NetEnts games. It is also combined with the classic Japanese cartoon aesthetic imagery of manga.

Super Lucky Frog takes you to a fantastic fairy-tale world where you can take part in three Progressive Jackpots which are; Froggy, Lucky and Super. There are five spinning reels you have to spin you a winning combination. For every coin that you put in you enable another payline. When the reels stop, the computer checks the combinations of symbols along each enabled payline.

It’s basic video slot game territory, done well.Often what sets video slot games apart are the bonus features and Super Lucky Frogs is up there with some of the most enjoyable. It might be because the jackpot bonus game is not the hardest in the world, and I am as lazy as I am a bad loser, but I found it to be quite stimulating. Essentially all you have to do is spin the wheel and where it lands you win the prize.

There is also the Jackpot 6000 gamble game which is one for lovers of fate; it’s a coin tossing type of game where you need to select heads or tails to win, it sounds kind of boring but trust me, it gets the adrenaline going something fierce!

This is a very enjoyable game with great scatter and wild symbols that pretty much everyone will enjoy. The edge NetEnt seem to have on everyone else is that they obviously put in a lot of work into making whatever game and it’s theme entrancing to play, with bold animations and eye catching graphics. It’s the real trick that keeps you hooked on all of their games. Super Lucky Frogs on paper didn’t interest me but when I played it at Magic Portals online slot game, I kept coming back not necessarily because of the crazy features, but because there is something about this game and games like it that keep you locked onto the screen. Besides that, there are also some casinos that offer this game in combination with free spins and an online bono sin depósito! Definitely worth trying out!