Scarface Review

July 10, 2015 - slot machines

Obviously inspired by the classic Brian de Palma film of the same name starring Al Pacino, the Scarface video slot game takes all the gangster style and gore from the movie and puts it directly into the video slot game, leaving very few things to the imagination with the gangland intensity and blood covered bank notes.
This 3D 5-reel and 20-payline game caters more to the serious player with its realistic graphics, multiple pay lines, free spins and bonuses.

To get a bonus game or a free spin you have to try to get the Nudge Spin which isn’t as tricky as other games. Try your luck by hitting one of the characters from the movie, like Tony Montana or his wife, you can also look out for drug-smuggling suitcases, the famous chainsaw from that infamous scene in the movie, or some of that dirty money that needs laundering. You can also bet with multiple coins, from 1p and up to £0.50 with up to 10 credits per pay line. Play all 20 lines with a minimum bet of £20. Or do it like the Tony Montana would, like a gangster, and choose the maximum bets on 10 credits with a £100 credit cost.

When I played a few times I was lucky enough to hit the 3 stacked wilds on 3 different reels which activated the nudge and the free spin features of the Scarface slot. When you get the wild symbol, it will substitute any other symbol next to it and turn it for a winning combination!


As a big fan of the movie I did enjoy it maybe more than someone who has yet to see the movie, if such a person exists but luckily even if you have not seen the movie you still enjoy all of the features. NetEnt could of made this cheesy by accident but managed to keep it on the right track, and some of the bonus features are a good example. One bonus feature allows you to turn into the films anti-hero and kill all your enemies, yes it as fun as it sounds, and just to have that experience is a good enough reason to play this game.