Jack Hammer

July 7, 2015 - slot machines

The Jack Hammer video slot game with a detective-inspired feel, while it’s one of the older slot games in the NetEnt canon, it’s still has a very inciting and appealing edge over some of the other online slot games. Also it may be old, but it’s one of the most innovative. It has a game model in which each symbol spins independently, increasing chances of winning as well as increasing the excitement and adrenaline.

Like pretty much all of the games on NetEnt, when they get a theme, boy do they stick to it and do it with a truck load of gusto and enthusiasm. Inspired by the comic characters in the pulp magazines of the 30’s, the Jack Hammer slot machine features all the characters you would expect, from mad scientists to damsels in distress, and everything in-between.

You get to hunt down the criminals with Jack Hammer and enjoy free spins features as well as bonus rounds, scatters, wilds and multipliers, which all give you the shot of stacking up the coins and winning big.


One of the things I loved about the Jack Hammer game is the 5-reel, 20-line layout, which offers increased pay out chances. The main game in Jack Hammer includes the mandatory random free spin symbols that can appear on any tile at any time, which is the mark of a good online slot game.

The nuclear bomb symbol gets you your free spin and will grant you different winnings depending on how many you get in a spin. 5 symbols will get you 10 free spins. 6 bombs are worth 15 free spins, 7 will get you 20, 8 bombs equal 25 free spins and if you can get 9 or more of them, you will secure no less than 30 free spins.

The Jack Hammer game offers both old and new players a fun and laid back way to gamble and remains entertainment when other laid back games can drift off into the land of the boring, the animations are great the characters will make you laugh and the opportunities of winning big, will definitely keep you coming back for more. I highly recommend this game. Webet is a great casino that you can play Jack Hammer on for free or real money. Have a look at their casino review and try it out!