Blood Suckers

July 1, 2015 - slot machines

Have you, like myself, ever wondered what It would be like if your favorite Sci-Fi/Horror genre (Vampires) crossed paths with your favorite online hobby (online slot machines) to create the perfect hybrid?  No, I hear you scream, “We’re not THAT geeky” well you don’t have to wonder for much longer folks, cos Blood Suckers is here and if you are like me it will blow your mind.

I’ll be honest this game is designed to appeal to a younger player, which can put some people off, if your like me you are essentially a kid in a mans body so it’s fine, however even if you’re not, I am certain you can still enjoy this game, at the very least you will enjoy the well thought out game and it’s impressive graphics and animations.

If the high quality graphics don’t get you the notably high payout (98%), will. For me Blood Suckers is one of the best in the games on NetEnt; maybe that is because of my slightly irrational love of Vampires for a man my age, but it’s quite simply one of those games that you always enjoy when you play it.

This 5-reel, 25-pay-line slot, has all the classic vampire features you come to expect when playing or watching anything connected to the vampire genre. You get, cups of Holy water, cloves of garlic and the odd Bible or two. A very cool function is the silver bullets and wooden stake symbols which gives you a chance to get the £50,000 jackpot.

The free spin system on Blood Suckers is also quite enjoyable. There is a Vampire Bride which acts as a scatter symbol.  When you get three or more Vampire Bride symbols on the five reels and you will be awarded with 10 free spins!

Also Blood Suckers slot has a skill-stop feature, which lets you control the spinning reels if you want the game to go a bit faster and make it more of a challenge. NetEnt really outdid themselves with this one, the special features alone are enough to make you keep on coming back. Even if you think vampires are a bit lame (you are wrong by the way) you will still get a lot out of this game.