Blackjack Table Game Review

July 12, 2015 - slot machines

While slot machines will be a main focus in many casinos, we can never forget the importance of the table games, and what table game is more important that our beloved and much played blackjack? That goes double for online video slot games. With the new animations and characters and adaptions in the NetEnt cannon of video slot games one would be forgiven for thinking there would be no need for table games, well that’s where your wrong, because NetEnt have manged to breath a new life into one of the most well known, most played and popular table games there is.

The Blackjack table game from NetEnt is an exciting 3-hand and 6 deck blackjack game. It’s super user-friendly and seems to create a great blackjack-esque ambiance, if such a thing exists, and if it doesn’t, NetEnt might just have created it!

Players can play with up to 3 hands per game round; The minimum possible bet per hand is € 1,00 and the maximum bet is € 500,00 this is what NetEnt does so well, this makes make the game playable for beginners to either Blackjack or online gambling games in general and still keeps it interesting for the high rolling pro’s.

A feature of the Blackjack table game that I found enjoyable is the fact that players can ‘Split’ and ‘Insure’ hands, ‘Double’ initial placed bets and opt for the ‘Even Money’ feature where the dealer must hit on 16 and stand on 17. As far as the pays go, it’s pretty standard stuff. Black Jack pays 3 to 2, Insured hands pay 2 to 1, a Win pays 1 to 1, Even Money pays 1 to 1 and a Push returns the bet to the player.

The game has a very good display of the last 10 hands of the dealer, which is extremely convenient for the player. It gives you the choice between 5 different background tunes (or none at all) and the games speed can be adjusted, and if that doesn’t impress you, note that the Blackjack table game from NetEnt a has a return-to-player pay out percentage of 99.59%.

I highly recommend this game for all to play, it’s a great gateway into more difficult gaming and a a stand-alone fun experience of a well known format. And if blackjack is not your things, check out Top Casino Games for Indian Players and find the game that suits your needs best.