Arabian Nights

July 7, 2015 - slot machines

Any gambler worth his salt knows the slightly strange love affair Las Vegas has with Ancient Egypt, from all the pyramids to the pharaohs, to the themed hotels, Vegas can’t get enough of Egyptian culture. A online video slot game without an Arabian theme would quite simply be criminal, so it makes perfect sense that they created an Arabian Nights video slot machine game.

The Arabian Nights video slot symbols spin across 5 reels, 3 lines and 10 paylines. All of the action commences in what looks like a good enough rendition of an Arabian town at night, with the screen cornered with melon carts and snake charmer baskets.

There is a lot of fun to be had in this game, so much so you forgive the slight hacky Arabian theme, although in their defense there has never existed an Arabian themed thing that wasn’t a little hacky, and even so they pull it off well with the symbols. The most important symbols are the scatter, displaying Aladdin’s lamp, and the wild, a gentleman who wouldn’t look out of character on in the background of Aladdin, holding gems.

The wild subs for all of the symbols apart from the scatter. Combo’s including the wild count twice, whereas combinations made of only the wild count only once. The scatter triggers the free spins.

To get the free spins in this game you need to trigger by the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol in the Arabian Nights video slot is Aladdin’s lamp (of course). If it shows up three times or more, it unlocks 15 free spins! So when playing make sure you keep an eye out. When you are In the free spins mode, wins are tripled, with the exception of jackpot wins.

Also Arabian Nights has a progressive jackpot across the board which means tha the jackpot can and will increase as the numbers of players do.
All of these features just make it all that more fun and to be honest the Arabian theme really does grow on you!